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Coloured Bowls (Bespoke)

Coloured bowls are becoming increasingly more popular, especially with the younger players and ladies.

Stevens have pioneered this market, and unlike other manufacturers have a comprehensive range of coloured bowls in stock for immediate delivery. There are at least twenty different colours with exotic variations of marbled and striped patterns.

Stevens coloured bowls are available in standard and high density off the shelf, and low and triple low density to order (4-6 weeks lead time). Please note that ALL coloured crown green bowls, regardless of manufacturer, mark more easily than conventional black ones, the brighter the colour, the more noticeable.

Coloured bowls are manufactured from a different process, the plastic is poured into a mould, instead of being pressed. This gives the surface a high sheen, which provides a wonderful grip, but makes them less durable than conventional black bowls. Surface scratches and marking can be polished out, but not deep ones or chips.


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