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King Tantalus in Greek mythology was the son of Zeus, and the intimate friend of the gods, to whose table he was admitted. But he abused the devine favour by revealing to mankind the secrets he had learned in heaven. The punishment of Tantalus in the lower world was famous.

He stood up to his neck in water, which flowed from him when he tried to drink it; and over his head hung fruits which the wind wafted away whenever he tried to grasp them. The legend is the origin of the English word "tantalize", and the name Tantalus given to a wooden frame created by the Victorians to lock-up their spirit decanters, without obscuring the beautiful crystal.

The elegant period pieces are now manufactured in Oak at our Stafford factory with brass or silverplated fittings with European hand-cut lead crystal. Having the corporate or sporting customer in mind, plaques can be supplied and engraved. Logos can be etched and crystal sand-blasted.


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